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Before magnetic sensors and alarm, those monks from the middle ages had their own way of telling people that they better not steal manuscripts from the scriptorium. The text for these bookplates was taken from a message originally inscribed in a medieval manuscript:

This book belongs to none but me,
for here's my name inside to see.
To steal this book if you should try-
it's by the throat that you'll hang high.
And ravens then will gather about
to find your eyes and pull them out.
And when you're screaming
"Oh! Oh! OH!"
Remember you deserved this woe.

(I learn about this stuff in library school.)

Taking this fine poem, I made a bookplates. I painted a floral border on every bookplate using beautiful metallic paint. It can't compare to old illuminated manuscripts, but hopefully it will be a reminder of them.

Each set comes in a glassine envelopes and contains 5 self-stick bookplates on 32# Strathmore paper. Bookplates measure 4" x 3.5". This is a limited edition item because after handpainting dozens of these little suckers I got really, really tired of it.






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