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Handmade valentines are the most special ones, so here are some great materials to get started.

Your handmade valentine package comes with:

-1 rosy colored noteflat with scalloped edges
-Japanese lace paper in a delicate grid patter
-translucent paper with a decorative red border (French inspired)
-2 red bordered labels
-fancy frame label
-bag of heart confetti
-one vintage Dennison label
-gold heart key Dresden
-red ribbon and pink ribbon
-small glassine envelope
-strips of shimmery, opalescent paper
-7 glittery heart stickers
-tag with red string
-either a heart doily or a German scrap image

Don't want to do the arts and crafts yourself? It also makes a great valentine to give someone just as it is! Give your friend the joy of playing with these fabulous materials. The back of the package has space for to/from information and a short message. Package measures approximately 4.5"x6".

$6 each


with envelopelarger


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