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(Drinking and Driving In America)

Cool Beans! #6 compilation 7" edition of 2000

A: Fuck - Situation

Snowmen - Dy-no-mite

B: Harry Pussy

The Kelley Deal 6000 - Stripper

Lady in my Cab

(songs copyright each of the bands)

The Texas Companion CD that came with issue #5 charted on several radio station including KAOS FM in Olympia, Washington where it reached #1!

If you work for a radio station and would like us to send your our records. Please send a playlist!




Henry's Dress

Kelley Deal

Jesse Alley

Harry Pussy

Mary Lou Lord

Shawn Cassidy

Some taxicab stories

They call me Mr. Fuck


Barbara Manning

So You Want to Be a Cab Driver


Dreamwhip #8 is included in the bag if you mail-ordered Cool Beans! directly from us. If you bought it some other way, just send $1 and we'll mail you a copy.

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