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I think everyone assumes cab drivers and bicyclists are enemies. I'm both, so that would be tough. Last Friday there was a critical mass bike ride downtown and over the Golden Gate Bridge that fucked up traffic for hours. Customers in my cab asked me about the bike riders, "Do they want everyone to ride bikes or something?!" Duh. If I hadn't been working that day I'd have been riding in critical mass. In reality bicyclists and cab drivers both hate bus drivers.

I didn't know it when I started driving a taxi, but cab drivers are supposed to know everything about a city. We're supposed to know all the good shortcuts, the history, why Lombard Street is curvy, stuff like that. People ask me questions about San Francisco all the time. I got tired of not knowing the answers so I went to San Francisco City Museum and started doing research. I picked up a couple of good books - "Walking San Francisco on the Barbary Coast Trail" by Daniel Bacon and "Short Bike Rides in and around San Francisco" by Henry Kingman. Both are excellent and worth checking out. Things I learned about San Francisco from these books are scattered throughout Cool Beans! #7 as well as things I've discovered myself.

This issue prominently features lots of artwork by Will McCurtain. He was uber-enthusiastic about Cool Beans! and is letting me use tons of his stuff. Write to him at: Will McCurtain, 171 East 2nd St #1, New York, NY 10009. Tell him you saw his stuff in Cool Beans! and how much you like it.

If you've seen Cool Beans! before, you'll notice the lack of record reviews in this issue. Honestly, I got kind of tired of feeling like I was working for all these record labels creating press for them, so this issue there aren't any record reviews. There is, however, a list of the stuff I've been reading and listening to since last issue. The few band interviews this issue were done either because the artists are extremely interesting to me, or to complement their appearance on the free flexi.

And speaking of the flexi, there is only one company in the United States who makes flexi's. They are Eva-Tone and are a bizarre group of Christians living in Florida. They do good work, but it's odd dealing with them because they insist on your music having no profanity or blasphemy and that you never call a flexi a flexi; you have to call them Soundsheets. Normally our records would be chock full of profanity and blasphemy, I just wanted to let you know why it's missing.

I just moved into a new apartment, my own place. I live on Nob Hill now even though my mailing address remains on Mission Street. Those of you have have tried to visit me at 3181 Mission without calling first have already discovered that that particular address is a post office box in a copy shop. A nice copy shop, but I wouldn't want to live there.

I've actually done some work on the Cool Beans! web page and if you go to www.coolbeans.com you'll actually find something there now.

Cool Beans! is being distributed by Mordam Records now, because we are part of the Broken Rekids catalog. Mike from Broken Rekids has been incredibly helpful, sponsoring me in a sense. Check out the Broken ad in the inside back cover of Cool Beans! and buy his records! At some point he and I are going to re-issue all these bonus 7"s and flexis onto a Broken Rekids CD or something.

Cool Beans! Records is now offering two way-cool 7" records by the Rhythm Pigs and Three Day Stubble, two of our favorite San Francisco by way of Texas phenomenons.


• 2 issues ago I printed the wrong name in the Biscuit interview.. I said that someone had been a drug addict when it was actually somebody else.

• Last issue I labelled the magazine and 7" as having an exclusive Harry Pussy track. This wasn't the case, that particular track had been released previously, but I didn't know until after the mag was released. Woops. Matt Buzz Here

Caffeine News

They've finally started selling Diet Mountain Dew in California

And I've been meaning to try that caffeinated water.. But I keep forgetting it exists.. they sell it at those yuppie groceries.


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