Henry's Dress have broken up, but they have given Cool Beans! permission to include two tracks previously unreleased recorded at one of their last shows.

Henry's Dress

Little Princess are a band from the planet of Puchin Pring. They are stranded on Earth until they can replace an expensive broken part of their mothership. This is their recipe for one of their favorite Earth foods.


Rebecca A. Sealfon

If you saw Rebecca at the 1997 Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee, Washington, DC you know how cool she is. Here are some vital statistics.

Sponsor: Daily News (New York, New York)

Age, Grade: 13, 8th

School: Home School, Brooklyn, New York

Mother: Celia Gelernter Sealfon

Father: Dr. Stuart Sealfon

Bio: Rebecca enjoys reading both fiction and nonfiction, writing stories, playing piano, working with computers, and competing in chess tournaments. Her other interests include swimming, biking, kayaking, skiing, and hiking. She participated in the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Talent Search, qualifying for summer programs in math and English. Rebecca placed eighth in the 1996 Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee.



used to be called Shotwell Coho.

The lineup at the time of this recording was:

Jimmy Broustis: vocals, guitar

Tony: guitar

Greg Snyder: bass

Aaron Cometbus: drums

Recorded in July, 1996

This is what the cover of their next release on Broken Rekids looks like.


Queen Cobra are:

L.S. Defunkt - vocals and bass

The Empress - backing vocals and guitar

Bertha Moon - Drums

Official Roadie - Tito Flame III

Recorded by Queen Cobra at M. Alice Foster's June 14, 1997


Hot Sandwich Lads adopt the musical stylings of any and every kind of music they have ever heard. The journey begins and ends with an open atmosphere towards improvisation and structure, often yielding trance-ient collages of backward ass krautrock disco metal whilst lending an ear to the children, of course. Membership includes ex Anorexia Nirvana, ex Miss Kitty, ex Dimebag Child, ex SF Seal(s), and current members of Three Day Stubble and Pig Dick Canoe.

Kevin was just an asshole with one of those bad Michigan haircuts. I really don't miss working at WDBM FM when he was music director.

Flexi Hint: Tape the record and listen to the tape. Flexis don't stand up to repeated playing very well.