Will McCurtain sent me this drawing. I told him it reminded me of a tab of acid for some reason. Then he came up with the idea of Yoda selling acid on Haight and I asked him to turn it into a couple of frames of story. I don't think I told Will about when I bought acid on Haight Street, but it's a pretty typical San Francisco story. Those are my dumb comments under the frames. -Matt

Doses.. Doses..

Once my friend Steve and I got burned on an acid deal on Haight Street. Some guy was selling killer weed and kind hits or something.


We were really stoked because we had talked the guy down in price a little, and had nothing to do for the rest of the weekend and we were going to trip our brains out..

Coming On?

It turned out that we'd bought little pieces of paper with no LSD on them. When we weren't coming on right away, we rode our bikes around the running track at the polo fields hoping we'd get it to work faster. It never did.