Aliens from the planet Puchin Pring who look and sound like Japanese girls!




This is an interview with Little Princess' #2 Ayu and #3 Kyo at Little Princess' temporary headquarters in San Francisco.

Ayu: I am Little Princess number two and I was born as princess of Puchin Pring Kingdom in planet of Puchin Pring. I play guitar in this band.

Kyo: I am Little Princess #3, I play guitar. I am the youngest one.

What about your drummer?

Kyo: She is Little Princess #1. Today she felt dizzy so she could not join us.

How did you get to Earth?

Ayu: We are kind of like having field trip in our mothership and the engine broke out.

Where were you going?

Ayu: Oh, just hanging around in space seeing the sites. January 1st and we made forced landing on Earth.

When will you be going back?

Ayu: Oh, as soon as we make enough money to fix our engine. We are right now trying to make money by doing band activity.

Is it working?

Both: Not yet.

Kyo: We made a 7 inch. We only made 200 copies of it, and 100 copies, we gave away to our friends on Earth, so we are not making much money.

You ought to make another 7"!

Kyo: Hopefully.

Well, I'll try to help you if I can. If you have great success, do you think you'll stay on Earth?

Kyo: The program is that we have to go back to our planet as soon as possible, because our enemy is attacking our planet. We have to save our planet.

Ayu: Yeah.

Who is your enemy?

Ayu: Her name is Madam Cactus, she is from the same solar system as us and she is pillaging the planet of Puchin Pring. She has cactus thorns everywhere, she is a scary woman.

She sounds scary. What does Puchin Pring mean?

Kyo: Puchin Pring means small pudding.

Ayu: That happened to be our planet's name.

Did you know that's what Puchin Pring meant on Earth before you got here?

Ayu: Yes, we thought, `Wow, it is delicious.'

What are your impressions of Earth?

Kyo: It is a nice place. Earthlings have been very nice to us. We have to pretend that we are Japanese girls, we cannot show our true identity.

Is it ok that I'm letting the world know in this interview who you really are?

Kyo: It's actually ok. We were more cautious at first.

Ayu: Some people just don't believe it anyway. I hope no one tries to put us in a circus or anything.

Why is it that you play such heavy death metal style music?

Kyo: What the Earthlings call death metal or hardcore is like the symphony on our planet. We grew up listening to this kind of music. It's like classical music.

Ayu: Every morning we listened to this kind of music.

Were you happy to find hardcore and death metal on Earth?

Ayu: Yes, we were happy to find Spazz, Assuck, Napalm Death, and His Hero is Gone.

I'm not familiar with His Hero is Gone.

Ayu: They are from Elvis country.

Speaking of Elvis, what kinds of religions do you have on Puchin Pring?

Ayu: There are several types of cults on Puchin Pring. They are very funny. Some cults rob pudding cakes. Some of them collect things of the same color, like pink or something like that.

Kyo: There are many small cults. We don't have a big religion though, mostly small cults.

Do you belong to any cults?

Kyo: People actually worship us, because we are princesses on our planet.

Ayu: Yeah.

Where is your ship now?

Ayu: It is hidden. In the forest.

Kyo: We cannot really say because we don't want any Earthlings to steal it.

What is your favorite Earth food?

Kyo: I like seaweed.

Ayu: We all like dried squid.

Oh yeah, like the song we put on the flexi!

Both: Yeah!

What else do you want people to know about you?

Kyo: Well, many people seem to think we are Japanese girls, but don't think that, because we are not. If you listen to us speak very carefully, you can tell that we are not Japanese girls but are from Puchin Pring.

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