By William McCurtain

CB: How did you get started making your zine AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE FUCKIN' MOONSHINE?

Bwana: I wanted to make a neat package of artwork to send off to skateboard companies. I got zero response, but it was so much fun that I wanted to continue to do them, but just for myself.

CB: Where did the name come from?

Bwana: I saw a neat picture in National Geographic of a man in front of a stone cabin. He had a funny look on his face and a big long beard (red). It looked to me like he was probably sayin' "Ain't nuthin' like fuckin' moonshine!"

CB: How has the response been to your Super Heroes in Red Tights Issue? How many copies did you make?

Bwana: The response to issue #10 was really good. I made 1000 copies and I've got about 50 left. It was the best print job thus far.

CB: Do the same people help you each issue?

Bwana: There are a few constants, Jimbo M, Alicia Rose, Pebo (Claire), and then there are a lot of folks ebb in and out of Moonshine depending on the levels of gravity.

CB: Is the Monkey and Chimp (#11) issue about to come out?

Bwana: Yeah, it's fuckin' out right now (100 copies)... "The Disaster issue"...I'm on Plan "C" and the covers are at the printers and I'm xeroxing the innards till I get some cash to print it. At least it looks good.

CB: What are your plans for future issues?

Bwana: My pal Jimbo M. and I are focusing our energies on #12....The topics are Insects & should come with a 7", but we don't know what bands yet, maybe Quasi?

CB: How do you support yourself & your zine?...What do you do for work?...Money?

Bwana: 4 Hours a day I'm a shipper at a fine arts poster publisher and distributor. My friends and I play with legos and listen to AM radio (Imas, and Alan Colmes) I am trying awfully hard to support myself with me art. I poop money.

CB: How do you like living in Portland, not San Francisco?

Bwana: Portland is neat..Bridges, rain, moss, trees, waterfalls, art, BMX, lots of toys, house, yard, fire, chimney, cats, jumps, lumps, more BMX, my lady, sunsets, rainbows.

CB: How do you think living in Portland influences Ain't Nothin' Like Fuckin' Moonshine?

Bwana: Cost of living is lower = less hours work crappy = more hours work on happy....+ the bridges are inspiring. People here can be just as flakey as in San Francisco.

CB: Do you remember the first fanzine you ever saw?

Bwana: The first fanzine I ever saw was Wajelmak (I hope I spelled it right). It was and sometimes is created by Devon Morf. Devon rocks, when I saw Wajelmak it was back in the day when it was referred to as an "underground magazine" I think?

CB: Who are your favorite artists and writers, or books?...zines?

Bwana: Fav zines, Craphound, Flatter, Besmirtched, oh there are so many cool zines (the BMX one you sent me, "Orbit" Kicks-Ass)...(2) fav, artists Dave McKean, Roy Tompkins, Chris Johanson, Gary Painter (not Jimbo comic though) Al Columbia, Jimbo M., Element, Twist, Richard Sala, Christine Shields... I love watching my friends draw.

CB: You went to that zine & comic convention in L.A.?? How was that??

Bwana: I couldn't make it, but I'm going to A.P.E. again on February 1st.

CB: Do you read a lot of comics?

Bwana: ...I mostly just look at the pictures, because I can't read words. Madman + Hellboy + old comics, Jack Kirby.

CB: What's the worst thing about making your zine?

Bwana: Selling advertisements, [no doubt - Matt], not making enough cash to take it to a legitimate printshop....O.K. I worked for 4 months on this, wow, it looks really cool now I'll put it in my closet and wait for rainbows.

CB: What have you learned?

Bwana: That no matter how many times I give up, I always end up doing another one. Neat friends can be made via the postal system.

CB: Where did you skateboard in the Bay Area? Have you skated in the Derby in Santa Cruz? What about Portland?

Bwana: In San Francisco...I don't like the Embarcadero, but love the streets, Fort Miley... Derby is lots of fun, especially since they put the sidewalk around it. Santa Rosa has a super fine park,...and Portland...Portland has the most kicky-butt park ever called Burnside... beautiful cement curves, lately I skateboard, eat lots of sugar, play with my lady. Play legos with my friends, make toys, hunt for Micronauts.

CB: In the one issue you wrote about working with Sarah Jacobs on a movie. Have you worked on other films or done your own?

Bwana: Sarah's film is finally out and it just showed in N.Y.C. I worked a little bit on the "Lisa Theory" a film by Steve Okazaki.. My friend Jimbo and I make short films sometimes. I really wanna do the My Friend the Micronaut video magazine (just dreaming)..

CB: What is your favorite time of day?

Bwana: 7am-9am...10pm-12pm energetic tymes.