Cool Beans! Poll Results (from last issue)

1) What's your vote for next issue's theme?

San Francisco 30%

Uncool Beans! 20%

Themes are dumb 20%

Clowns 10%

Other 20% (some of the other answers included "baseball caps" and "New Orleans")

2) What has been your favorite issue of Cool Beans! so far?

#6 50%

#4 37.5%

Undecided 12.5%

(no one voted for any of the other issues)

3) Why do you get Cool Beans?

Overall package 33%

Bonus record 27%

Interviews 27%

Reviews 4.5%

Feeding Matt Kelly's ego 4.5%

4) Do you have Internet access?

Yes Full Internet access 37.5%

Just e-mail 12.5%

No 50%

5) Where are you?

Stuck on a rock, Seattle, Miami, Philadelphia, Oakland, San Francisco, Finland, Arizona, The Dovre Club, Sweden, New York City.

6) How old are you?

Average age : 25.5 years old

7) Where/how did you get this magazine?

Ajax Mailorder, MRR ad, Stole a copy from Subpop World Headquarters, Reviews in Music Mellanium and Reading Frenzy, From some guy named Matt, Mailordered from Cool Beans!, Other Music in NYC

8) What other magazines do you read/like?

Grand Royal, Chemical Imbalance, Time, Popwatch, Cometbus, Penthouse 70s-80s, MRR, Dagger, Wind Up Toy, Thicker, Puncture, Rollerderby, Nest of Ninnies, Bunnyhop, Magnet, Answer Me, Chunklet, Beer Frame, Ptolemic Terrascope, Speed Kills, Inner Muscle.

9) Who are your five favorite bands/artists?

Grifters, Silver Jews, Pavement, Bedhead, Royal Trux, Slint, Velvet Underground, Hank Sr., Mantis, Creedence, Freakwater, Guided by Voices, REM circa `84, Replacements mid `80s, Devo, Palace, Chumbawamba, Supersuckers, Sebadoh, Thrill Kill, Earth Crisis, Van Halen, Bon Scott, Vienna Noise Choir, Neil Diamond, Earnest Borgnine, Anne Magnusen

10) Have you ever called the Cool Beans! BBS?

(415) 648-PUNK

No 100%

Yes 0%

(Guess I'd better finish that web site.. )

11) What do you do w/ Cool Beans! when you're done with it?

Save it 50%

Give it to someone else 50%

12) Here's a $12 money order made out to Matt Kelly for the next three issues of Cool Beans!

42% of the people who sent in the survey subscribed!