Cool Beans! TOP PICKS

Catpower - All & live at the Bottom of the Hill (Matador)

NOFX - I Heard They Suck Live CD (Fat)

NOFX - Smashing Punk Kings CD (bootleg)

Iron Maiden - Best of the Beast (Castle)

Pavement Songs written by Scott Kannenburg (Matador)

Harry Pussy - At the Bottom of the Hill & the Knitting Factory

Overwhelming Colorfast - Moonlight & Castanets (Headhunter)

Queen Cobra at the Chameleon

Doris zine #8

Cometbus zines #39 and #40

Pixies - Doolittle CD

Assuck - Misery Index and Anticapitol CDs (Sound Pollution)

Faxed Head - Exhumed at Birth (Armadillo)

Short Bike Rides in San Francisco (book) by Henry Kingman

Racquetball with Pusser (even after getting hit in the eye with the ball and going to the hospital)

The Wedding Present - Bizarro CD (Manifesto)

Ex-Chittle - demo tape

Rollerderby The Book (and #20) by Lisa Carver

Beach Boys - Good Vibrations box set (Capitol)

Nest of Ninnies zine #5

Mommy and I are One zine #3

Mountain Goats - Full Force Galesburg (Emperor Jones)

Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers

Sonic Youth - Anagrama ep (SYR)

Little Princess - Song Collection 7" (Punch the Cheese)

Poptopia - Power Pop Classics triple CD (Rhino)

Square Pusher - All

Drop Beat Records in Oakland

Cliff Bars - Peanut Butter Crunch

Gimme Lean - fake sausage

Tom Snyder

My new touring bike

Luxor 111

Paranoiac Gum comic #1 & #2

Sun City Girls/Three Day Stubble - The Crocodile in Seattle

Misfits - American Nightmare (Geffen)

Smog - Red Apple Falls (Drag City)

Oxbow - Serenade in Red (SST)