A Yes! And… Internship: Learning And… Fun

In collaborative arts education, non-profit organization, marketing, and more.

Are you a self-driven, fun-loving person who has a passion for learning and life? Do you love to learn and feel rewarded by a job well done? Then a Yes! And… Collaborative Arts internship is truly a win-win situation. You pick an internship model that interests you and your learning needs and we provide you an opportunity to achieve with guidance from our program staff of artist educators or our non-profit executives. For those that qualify, we do offer university credit through your own institution, pending approval by appropriate faculty and registrar.

Yes! And… Collaborative Arts understands the educational aspect of an internship and recognizes the benefit to both the student and the organization. We are proud to be able to tailor an internship to the needs of each intern, providing the student is hard working, self-motivated and has a commitment to excellence.

Internship Opportunities - Click on the links below

Marketing & PR

Thinking about a career in marketing or public relations? Do you enjoy telling compelling stories, even sometimes in 144 characters or less? Internships in marketing and PR with Yes! And... Collaborative Arts is a fun way to help us get our message out about the good work we do with kids and the arts. Examples of this include: social media and electronic mail campaigns, flyers and postcards, event advertisement, press releases and press contact. Click here for job descriptions, contact info, and more.

Accounting & Administration

You are a details person! You like to look under the hood and see what makes things tick. Your internship can be in anything from non-profit accounting and bookkeeping to company management and leadership. This is a great opportunity to experience what it takes to make a non-profit company run. Examples of accounting and administration internships include: bookkeeping, budgeting, donor relations, and non-profit systems management. Click here for job descriptions, ways to apply and more.

Summer Internships

Want to work with kids in our summer program? Or maybe you enjoy the details of camp work: making snack, running with kids at lunch, leading games. Maybeyou need something to do while waiting to go back to school in the fall? Join us for a week or more as a summer intern. You will receive training at our Collaborative Arts Institute and work at our longest-running program. Click here for job descriptions, clearances needed, and more.

Events & Fundraisers

The only thing more fun than attending a successful fundraiser, is knowing that you had a part in making it the best it could be. Join a team that includes not only staff of Yes! And... Collaborative Arts, but also members of our board of directors. Learn what it takes to pull off a successful event and how to report about the event after it happened. Click here for our events calendar, how to apply, and more.

And more!

Nothing here strike your fancy? You can feel free to contact us and let us know what you are interested in. We are a small enough organization that we can craft a unique internship experience that builds on your strengths and teaches you what you want to learn! Contact us today!

Contact us:

Yes! And... Collaborative Arts 21 W. Washington Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19144
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Intern talk

“My skill set has grown immensely in my internship because it was first real time being inside a business and seeing just how much needs to be done to keep everything running. It is a lot more than just paying the bills to keep the lights on.”
Allison, Eastern University 2014

“I decided to fly across the country to work with Yes! And... Collaborative Arts because, in a footnoot of a book that shared about the organization, I caught a glimpse of how they honor and empower the precious imaginations of youth throughout their community. When I joined Yes! And... for a summer, I was not dissapointed! I came to a better understanding of myself, and was graciously welcomed into a community of artists and educators who are passionate about using imagination, theatre, and play to create a thriving, vibrant space for young people to explore their impact on the world around them.”
Heather, George Fox University, 2012

“You were fabulous at recognizing each of our strengths and playing off them. I’m glad to have had the chance to play with you all. I want to thank you for creating a space where I noticed young people being respected, empowered, and trusted to create magic.”
Kelsey, Pendle Hill 2011

“Most of all, you listened to my feedback and valued my experience. In my opinion, that is what is most important. I felt as if I was a member of the team. Thank you for everything.”
Adam, Eastern University 2009

Typical Dates

So you can see what types of events and programs we run throughout the year, please check down this list. If you would like to work on a specific event, please let us know.

2nd/3rd week of June Summer Theatre Camp training and camps begin, Shadow Dollar web campaign

End August Camps end, SHADOW Fringe begins

September Shadow Fringe shows

Early October Auction Fundraiser begins/WSOT marketing begins

November Winter Sort of Thing rehearsals begin, Auction begins

Mid-December Auction ends, winnings shipped.

1st week of March Winter Sort of Thing show

April "Inner Monologues" Benefit Concert

May Kickball Tournament "kicks" into high gear

Typical Dates

Print these: Get the internship listings as separate Word™ documents that you can print.

Marketing for "A Winter Sort of Thing"

Auction Fundraiser Event

Administrative Assistant Intern