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These are the different programs we offer in our original Tribe Centered Learning philosophy and pedagogy. To learn more about them, please click on the images below.

Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps focus on the process of collaborative art making and imaginative play. All campers are taught by professional artist teachers, and are accompanied from class to class by Travelers (counselors) and Junior Staff (Shadow Company members).

Summer Theatre Camp

Campers in 5th through 8th are taught acting, dance/movement, visual arts, storytelling/playwriting, all of which culminate in a final performance created, produced, and performed by the campers. During their time at camp, campers become members of small tribes. Through play and work in daily classes, campers create with their tribe imagined identities, roles, shared history, myths, and story.

Imagination Camp

Imagination Camp is a summer performing arts camp that is specifically designed for campers in Kindergarten through 4th grade. Camp sessions are one week long! This camp lays the foundations for effective collaboration as kids play hard with purpose while being introduced to and developing the skills of the creative theatre arts.

Shadow Company

Shadow Company is a performing arts company made up of high school students from around the Philadelphia area. It is led by a “core” of four to five high school students that have been involved in Shadow Company programming for a few years, exhibit a desire to grow and learn, and have expressed a desire to be in leadership. They participate all year long as a stand-alone company, but also participate in other YACA programs.

Sort of Thing

Sort of Thing is two distinct programs. You can sign up for the Summer Sort of Thing if you are looking for a summer camp experience. However, for Winter Sort of Thing, you have to have completed a YACA program before registering.

Summer Sort of Thing

SSOT is a four week intensive summer camp program where students will work with profesional artists to bring a musical to life! The musicals chosen for production are shows that have already been performed in Winter Sort of Thing productions. There is no proir experience necessary for this program.

Winter Sort of Thing

WSOT is a six month intensive program where students that have attended other YACA programs can participate in the staging of a full-length musical. Students are educated further in all aspects of the theatre arts while attending organized rehearsals with professional artists for the production. The program culminates with the performance of an original student-conceived, staff-written/composed musical.

Studio Classes

Different than your average Studio! Classes are taught collaboratively with at least two artist teachers, preferably from different disciplines. This is why you'll see our classes advertised by theme and discipline rather than the skills they will learn. Our Studio Classes are held in 10 or 12 week sessions during the school year for children in K-8th grade. This program allows students to work in smaller groups as they continue to learn and hone specific performing arts skills.

After School Group

Our new After School Group is a new program that debuted in fall of 2016! We are excited to offer this program to middle school students who are interested in having fun, learning with a group of their peers, taking Studio classes to train their skills, and much more! Contact us today as space is limited.

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