SORT of Thing

Our Sort of Thing program builds on the work we do in our other programming by allowing students the opportunity to work alongside professional theatre artists in the creation of an original musical. These programs happen at two times throughout the year, the Summer Sort of Thing and the Winter Sort of Thing.

Upcoming production

Save the Date!


August 18, 19 & 20 at 6pm


Holman Field (Enter at 21 W. Washington Lane or at 58 W. Pomona Street)


It's FREE! If you're able, we suggest a $5 donation

Other details:

- Bring your own blanket or chair!

- Limited concessions will be available for purchase!

The programs

Summer Sort of Thing

SSOT is a four week intensive summer camp program where students in 6th - 10th grade will work with profesional artists to bring a musical to life! The musicals chosen for production are shows that have already been performed in Winter Sort of Thing productions. There is no proir experience necessary for this program.

Winter Sort of Thing

WSOT is a six month intensive program where students that have attended other YACA programs can participate in the staging of a full-length musical. Students are educated further in all aspects of the theatre arts while attending organized rehearsals with professional artists for the production. The program culminates with the performance of an original student-conceived, staff-written/composed musical.

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Sign up

Kids from 6th to 10th grade can register to be a part of our upcoming summer program. Go to the Summer Sort of Thing page and fill out the registration form. Space is limited, act now!

Hallen Sort of Thing

Support the Sort of Thing program with a gift to our Hallen Sort of Thing Fund. When our mentor passed away in August of 2013, we set up a memorial fund in his honor in order to continue the program that he considered, "the single most important thing I do each year." Visit the Mark Hallen tribute page to learn about his legacy, his impact, and to donate to the Hallen Sort of Thing memorial fund.

Show list

Winter Sort of Thing

(2007 - Extra, Extra, PLAY All About It - workshop performance before WSOT officially started)

2008 - The Greatest SNOW on Earth

2009 - The Clean Green Machine

2010 - It’s About Time!

2011 - The Apparent Trap

2012 - All Hands on Deck

2013 - The Clean Green Machine (reboot)

2014 - Down With the Crown

2015 - It’s About Time! (reboot)

2016 - The Silliest Story Ever Told

2017 - Winter Sort of Thing: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

2018 - The Song of Silence

2019 - Waste in Space

Summer Sort of Thing

2016 - All Hands on Deck

2017 - The Clean Green Machine

2018 - Down with the Crown

2019 - The Silliest Story Ever Told