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Using the arts as a tool for personal and communal discovery, reconciliation, and the construction of strong, positive sense of self and potential, Yes! And… Collaborative Arts creates programs to serve children and youth from diverse backgrounds in Collaborative Arts Education, meeting educational, emotional, and artistic needs! Be a part of making this continue!

Current Campaign


Help a child attend one of our amazing, life-changing summer programs with your donations. We are seeking partners who can help us keep our pledge to never turn away a child who wants to attend! Click here to read more, or read on below.

Fundraising events

We love to have fun, so join us at any number of our lively events throughout the year! We get to let our hair down a bit while raising money for the kids we serve! Click here now to see our current and upcoming events.

Gifts of sponsorship


Camperships are our scholarships for Summer Theatre and Imagination Camp. They serve kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

  • $25 for art or prop supplies
  • $315 for a week of Summer Theatre or Imagination Camp
  • $600 for a teen Junior Staff position
  • $2,520 for a 2 month middle school impact
  • Other amounts $___________

From our latest Campership letter:

One of my favorite places to walk is the trails through the nearby Wissahickon. I find that every time I am out there, I see new interesting things and learn about some wonder of nature, simply by observing. This past week,I was fixed on three thin trees that were growing right out of a rock, dangling precipitously over a long drop into the streambed below... Read the rest here.

Support a teen in Shadow Company

Shadow Company gives our teens an opportunity to have leadership within YACA, to work with and be an example to the younger children, and to be pushed to make artistically interesting performance pieces. Your sponsorship gives them this leadership opportunity, empowers our teens, allows them to work in a diverse community, and gives them a sense of purpose. Please also check out the teen's Shadow Dollar campaign (runs annually in September.)

  • $100 buys them pizza for a meeting
  • $200 supports a Junior Staff for a week
  • $500 helps us take a weekend retreat
  • $1000 makes you an Associate Producer of our FringeArts show!

Sponsor a young actor with the Hallen Sort of Thing Fund

Our Sort of Thing program (in Summer and Winter varieties) offers young people the opportunity to stand up on stage, toe to toe with professional actors, and shine. Supporting a child in SOT costs us $500 through 50 rehearsals, and we work with 30-40 young people. We need you to help us raise these kids, giving them the support and empowerment they need to succeed on stage, in school, and in life. You will be investing in their rebirth and their continued success. Our SOT scholarship fund is named after our mentor, Mark Hallen as the "Hallen Sort of Thing fund." See our memorial page to Mark. If you give in Mark's memory, we'll send you an exclusive Hallen thank-you card! (To support the "Sort of Thing" program and advertise in our playbills, please visit our Sponsorship page for sponsorship levels, perks, and other ways to become corporately involved.)

  • $500 to support a Student Actor
  • $100 for props & Set
  • $20 for costumes
  • Other $ for a Student Actor

Donate for art supplies

Equip us with the tools to make art, and transform lives. By donating you are helping the arts and children to grow as human beings. Your gift to this fund allows us to get paint, markers, crayons, molding clay, paper mâchè, tape, paper, and more! Our supplies are used across programs to make sets, props, costumes, and items for artistic play. Teaching art allows the children to be a part of every facet of the creative process so they can see their unique contributions to the artistic collective. If you want to buy art supplies for us, please visit our wishlist!

$25 for art supplies
$50 for art supplies

Gifts to sustain

Become a sustaining donor

You are someone who likes to get the most out of their donation! One of the most important funders to Yes! And.. Collaborative Arts is the regular donor. Your recurring donation allows us to aggressively target grants for new programs, be able to fully fund existing programs, keeps the lights on, and pay full-time staff. With the form below you can choose an amount and choose how often you'd like to donate. Check out the Supporter's Circle for a listing of recurring donors!

  • Click below to become a sustaining donor!

Gifts in memory or in honor

Gifts in memory

They had an impact on your life, remember their gift to you with a gift that will support urban arts education. We are always honored and humbled by these types of memorial gifts. Join the families of David Chandler, Arnold Horn, and many others in giving to memorialize loved ones.

In Memory

Download a form in PDF

Give to legacy of Mark Hallen

When our mentor passed away in August of 2013, we set up a memorial fund in his honor. Visit his tribute page to learn about his legacy, his impact, and to donate to the Hallen Sort of Thing memorial fund.

Gifts in honor

Celebrate the milestones and loved ones in your life with a gift to Yes! And... Collaborative Arts! Your gift reflects your desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of others, just as your loved one has done for you. These gifts are an especially meaningful way to celebrate special occasions and remember loved ones. Birthdays, job promotions or retirement, anniversaries, and holidays are perfect opportunities to remember them with a gift. Fill out the form below (or give on-line) and we will notify them of your gift in their honor. Please call with any questions. 215-278-4264

In Honor

Download a form in PDF

Corporate Gift Matching

Put your gift to work! Many employers will match charitable contributions made by their employees and employee spouses or retirees. Find out if your company has a matching gift policy, fill out the form available from your employer, and send it to Yes! And... Collaborative Arts with your gift. We will do the rest. If you want assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 215-278-4264. If you plan on on-line giving, you can simply tell your employer, fill out the appropriate forms, and send them to us! Once completed, your employer will send the matching funds directly to us. Your contribution is doubled, and even sometimes tripled or more!

Contact us:

Yes! And... Collaborative Arts 21 W. Washington Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19144
215-ART-GANG 215-278-4264 Contact Us Form

Your gift matters

The easiest way to donate to the work of Yes! And... Collaborative Arts is to donate on-line. YACA uses WebLink, a secure processing site, to process credit card payments for the ease and comfort of you, our donor. You can be sure that your money is transferred safely and backed by the power of one of the largest on-line financial institutions.

Donate today!

Donate by Phone:

You can also make a donation by calling our office and using a credit card. Our number is 215-ART-GANG (278-4264)

Mail in a donation:

Donations by check or money order allow us to by-pass sometimes expensive Credit Card fees! Thank you!

We can accept personal checks, money orders and other donations. Simply make it payable to "Yes! And... Collaborative Arts" and send it to our office at 21 W. Washington Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19144

Event Sponsorships

Sponsoring a Yes! And... Collaborative Arts event ensures that the event's fundraising goals are met and you/your company's name is featured! Join Get-Kinetic, Garrison's Garage, El Garisol: A Floral Experience, and Camden Printworks and support events like: our Winter & Summer Sort of Things, Summer Tournament, Holiday Party & Auction.

Click here for sponsor opportunities and details.


If you shop on, consider clicking below and shopping with the AmazonSmile program and we will receive a portion of your purchase!

Gifts of time

Volunteerism is alive and well at YACA Whether you can come for one day, or be a regular presence in our office or programs, we welcome any and all gifts of your time and energy. We welcome volunteers with specific expertise (data entry, for example) or with just a willingness to show up! For more info and to sign up to volunteer, visit this page: Volunteer Here

Also, if you are in middle or high school and need Community Service hours, let us know!

If you are in College and need an internship, please follow this link: Internships

Give of yourself!

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