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Cool Beans! Records #10 - Bonus flexi for Cool Beans! magazine #7 (edition of 2500)

1. Henry's Dress - She Don't Need You (Primitives cover) 1:40

2. Henry's Dress - Lovely Sweet Darlene (My Bloody Valentine cover) 1:40

3. Little Princess - Dried Squid with Mayonaise and Soy Sauce (from the Little Princess Song Collection 7") :56

4. Rebecca - Euonym (From CNN) 1:14

5. Shotwell - San Francisco's Whithering :27

6. Queen Cobra - Hollywood Blood Capsules 1:54

7. Hot Sandwich Lads - Gambling Town 1:55

8. Hello Matt Kelly This is Kevin Calling :45

(songs copyright each of the bands)





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